Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recent updates~

It has been a very long time I did not post articles. Please allow me to apologize and please give me a little bit more time to write a good articles. 

Sincerely apology to all my readers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Dear blog, sorry for not posting in such a long period of time.

However, I will grab more time for you.

Wish that I get well and healthier N soon updating you again.

Till then, see you again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Healthy Porridge Day!!

Porridge Day Today!!

1. Rice Grain / Brown Rice Grain (Healthier Choice)
2. Carrot cut into small square shape (Carrot good for your eye)
3. Broccoli cut into small flower shape
4. Dried Prawn
5. Mushroom (Any type except shitake)
Boil water and put in your rice grain and the dried prawn.
Until the water boiled, put in the carrot. It will add in more sweetness taste in your porridge.
Then, put in mushroom and broccoli as well.
Next, boil until all are soft.
Then sprinkling some salt and stir evenly.
Serve Well!!
Enjoy your trying!! Be healthy always~

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recognize Your Love - Chapter 1.4 - Feel It!!

> As I mentioned, recognize your love thru Honesty, Understanding and Natural may help you to go thru partial of the way.

> However, human being is not a robot. We have feeling which all hot blooded human nature, all have it~

> Do you feel me?? Hahaha~ Just Kidding~

> Nonetheless, most of us having in a way or whatever way where we feel it is never perfect to us for what we are having now (Of coz' I agree all of us is not a perfect one but never put your imperfect on others).

> Human being always asking for more and more, than comparing to the people who are having less or maybe lesser than what we could imagine of.

> Perhaps, human (You or Me) should be more grateful and contented with what we are having (If it is really the good ones).

> Perhaps, I should show an example of how this sounds like. Such as, having a partner besides us in this generation seems like a fairy tales, consequences from the reality world caused us to feel that way. However, from time to time when your partner get tested and passed tru the test. You might think about you should cherish it more than ever. This example is also working vice versa.

> In another word, we should stop what we think is correct (If it is really rational, :-) ). Instead of giving so much pressure to ourselves, you might think of releasing some of it to analyse that perhaps this person should turn out to be cherish than to be test again and again.

> If it is only a starting relationship, you might want to spend more time to know this person more. Which I think is completely rational and normal.

> Yet, if you have been with this person for quite some time or maybe has cohabitate and this person is all the same at all the time. Maybe I would suggest you to give in to yourself and your partner of all sorts of testing.

> So, if after 2, 3 or more years of being together don't make you feel it like it is worth for your time to stay in this relationship. I will suggest you give up instead of wasting your youthful year on a partner and relationship which you don't even trust it! And it is quite insanity that you being with this person and relationship without being certain of that.

> Afterall, you know the best when are you with the right person.

> So, Feel It!! to find your true person!! (Of coz' with some rationality as well which I believe in).

*As above articles is purely for sharing and own reading from writer own view.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's Simple Lunch Meal

This is what I cook today for my lunch~

Guess what, it is all veggies without any other poultry ingredient!!
Healthy meal to share to you dear blog~

1. Spaghetti
2. Small Broccoli
3.  Cooked Idaho Potatoes (Boil Method)
4. Diced Dried Basil Leave
5. Carrot cut in square shape
6. Mayonnaise
7. Cabbage / Chinese Cabbage
8. Diced well garlic
9. Diced well onion
10. Fresh Tomatoes
11. Tomatoes based spaghetti sause
12. Fresh Lime Juice
1. Mash Potatoes
First, you need to boil your potatoes till cooked and leave to cool down the temperature.
Then, you need to boil your cabbage and broccoli (Add in some oil and salt).
Next, you mash your potatoes and add in lil' mayonnaise evenly.
Add in some basil gradually and mixed well.
Lastly add in a lil' lime juice to maxed the taste texture.
Serve Well!!
2. Spaghetti with tomato based sause
First, you need to boil your spaghetti.
While your spaghetti is in cooking, you may cook the sause.
First, you need to start with a lil' oil and add in the garlic and follow up with onion after garlic look a lil' brownish.
Next, you add in carrot.
Then, add in tomatoes sause and cook for about 1-2 min and add in fresh tomatoes.
Next, add gradually basil leaves and lime juice.
Last but not least, cook for a lil' while more about 3-5 min and you may serve the sause on or below the spaghetti you prepare just now.
Enjoy your meal!!
Eat Healthily!

Healthy Diet Meal

Hey dear blog~ I wanna share my today's dinner diet meal~

Center View~
Sides View
Lower left side view~
Guess what I do with to make it healthy~

If you want to try you may refer below for the ingredient:-

Ingredient (All of the ingredient may change according to your favorite)
1. Carrot
2. Broccoli
3. Cabbage
4. Chinese Cabbage
5. Idaho Potatoes
6. Baby tomatoes
7. Oyster Sause
8. Sugar

It is a easy cooking in this dishes. First, you need to boil water whereby in the water you need to add in lil' oil and salt so that your veggies is crispy and the color is more lively.
Then, the next it will be upon your favorite taste and texture whereby if you ovecooked the veggies; the veggies actually will be tasteless but if you are going to add sause like me then perhaps it won't be tasteless as it aroma will add from the sause.
Then, next will be the sause making session.
First, you will only need a lil' of oyster sause and a lil' bit more of sugar so that the sause will be more concentrated. Mix up the oyster sause and the sugar together until it is evenly mixed.
Next, with a lil' oil to be a starter (remember do not put too much oil as this shud be a healthy meal), then you put in to cook the sause you mixed just now until it comes up with bubble where this show that the sugar is melt and the sause is thickened.
Then, pour on the sause on your veggies.
That's all!! Enjoy your meal~

Monday, January 7, 2013

Recognize Your Love - Chapter 1.3 - Alone is not Scary at all

> It has been a weekend whereby I did not update my Blog~

> However, I will not forget about update anyway~ :-)

> Back to the track we are here for. Are you scare of loneliness? Are you often get into a relationship due to fear of loneliness?

> Let me make this clear instead of keep on asking~

> I am a person oftenly alone (As per what my bff told me actually). However, I am not scare of loneliness. B'coz I enjoy my time when I am alone.

> Oftenly, most people around me they kept telling me that how fear they are of being  alone. Whatsoever reason from them; the conclusion is "I DO NOT LIKE TO BE ALONE COZ IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL". This is what I get from them.

> And why am I enjoying my time alone coz I am happy of myself~ (Sorry if this sound too proud). I really am enjoying time alone coz when I am alone I may do whatever I wanted to, I enjoy food that I feel it taste good to me and etc.

> Many people can't stand of getting alone due to, it is boring, feeling isolated, perhaps it might feel lively death person.

> If you are able to adapt and mastered being alone, maybe you may feel different. In term of differences, you know the best on how you going to do it and how you feel it.

> Linking back to finding your Mr or Ms Right; Being lone fearless, you may find a person who love who you are instead of being popular, everyone just love to stick to you, or perhaps he or she may see inside you better than people who always hang around with you which they did not notice at all.

> If it is b'coz of you scare of loneliness and you kept finding one after another relationship to keep you not lonely. Then, it may be a string of worthless relationship I may say. You have to get the right reason being with your partner and not for filling up your emptiness in you.

> You have to live for yourself and not for other or whatever reason you may think of. If you mastered this, you might be living even happier than anyone who are fear of loneliness.

> Therefore, Being alone is a good thing but if one fine day your right person found you. Being with them will be better.

> You will find you will be happy even before you find your right person.

*As above articles is purely for sharing and own reading from writer own view.